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Wednesday, February 25, 2015
From the Desk of Amy Waterman:

I hear it all the time... Finding someone suitable, who feels the SAME about you as you do about him, is just TOO difficult.

Because not only do you have to meet the guy, but you also have to go out together, get to know each other, meet the parents, like his friends, fit into each other's lives, and somehow make it down the long and winding road to eternal bliss.

Ever Felt Like This?

"Being in a relationship is too much work." -Jill, age 33

"It's been so long since my last relationship that I'm not sure I even remember what to do in one anymore." -Barbara, age 63

"It’s not like I'm getting any younger. What man is going to want someone like me?" -Sofia, age 39

"Most of the men my age are married. The only single guys left are the ones no one wants." -Eileen, age 48

Let's get real:

Most of us don't have the time, money or energy to put a lot of effort into dating. We've got lives to live, bills to pay, jobs and barely enough free time to take care of our own needs, let alone meet someone!

(Even if we DID have the time and money, we could probably think of better ways to spend it than in in trying to "get" a man.)

There must be some way of turning around our romantic luck, so that we can stop worrying about relationships and get on to worrying about more important things, like what to watch tonight on TV. ;-)

Luckily, there is.

It's a BRAND-NEW PROGRAM that goes straight to the root of our difficulties with the male species.

It's called The REAL Women REAL Love™ Guide to Fearless Dating

And it's for women like you:

Real women with busy, complicated lives and plenty of real life experience in the ways of love.

Your Romantic Destiny is
About to Be Revealed...

My program will teach you four Powerhouse Principles that will give you a whole new set of "vibes" and set you on the path of truly living your romantic destiny.

These "Four Pillars" will smash through the blocks keeping men from discovering the REAL you. You'll learn how to unleash the most potent force in romance - it's been hidden in YOU this whole time!

Say goodbye to the effort and struggle of trying to talk to men and "sell yourself" as girlfriend or partner material. With my easy-to-use techniques, you'll be catching the attention of men who might normally have looked right past - and you won't even have to work at it!

So don't be surprised if you get a lot more men hanging around. It's not easy being the kind of woman everyone wants to know and be around - but I have a suspicion that you'll do just fine!

You'll also learn how to...

- Give off the kind of good energy men crave. It's like wearing an irresistible perfume that men can't resist!
- Understand what goes through a man's mind: what men REALLY want from women, their secret desires, what it takes for them to overcome their fear of commitment.
- Regain your sense of personal power around men, even the ones that leave you weak at the knees. Men love strong women, and you'll be fearless!
- Feel in control, desirable, confident, and the star of your own romantic destiny. You'll also learn to avoid the bad vibes that put men off or make them see you as "just" a friend.
- Weed out the flakes, jerks, and playboys in favor of a quality man who loves you for who you are.
- Master the art of first impressions. Learn to convey the "right" messages to men and correct any "wrong" messages you may have been sending.
- Try the ultimate "beauty cream." You'll look younger, more radiant, and simply stunning if you make this a priority in your life.
- Say goodbye to nerves or anxiety in social situations. You don't have to work at making men like you, because this simple technique will have them looking for any excuse to meet you.
- Feel great about yourself, even if you don't like your looks or the way your life is going right now. Beating up on yourself never helps, and I'll help you banish that critical voice for good.
- Get excited about your love life! Worrying won't help you meet someone, but it's a difficult habit to give up. Luckily, I'll teach you how to "reprogram" those old fears.
- De-code the secret signals that tell you, beyond the shadow of a doubt, whether or not you should pursue a relationship.
- What every man wishes you'd understand about him. If you can grasp this, you won't be disappointed in men again - and you'll make his life much happier!
- Know when to trust your feelings and when to be wary. Sometimes, our own feelings can betray us by convincing us that a man is "The One" when he's really just a heart-breaker. Learn to listen to your heart's messages wisely.
- Deal with rejection or break-ups without getting hurt. This simple perspective switch will have you moving on painlessly and smiling at life again before you know it.
- Discover the truth about bed buddies, bad boys, and playing hard to get.
- Tackle the emotional baggage that you've accumulated over years of heartbreak. Don't let old wounds sabotage your new relationships!
- Find new energy to motivate you in your search for love. If you're tired, fed up, or just plain frustrated with the dating game, then this simple technique will get you back on track and loving it!
- Never worry about what's going to happen to you or whether you're going to finally meet your soulmate ever again.


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Let Me Be Your Biggest Cheerleader

Amy Waterman author of Real Women Real LoveMy name is Amy Waterman. I'm a dating and relationships expert who's written/co-written ten books and hundreds of articles about men, attraction, dating, sexual chemistry, marriage, and much more.

My goal is to help women help themselves achieve the life and love of their dreams.

I have complete confidence in the women who work with me, because we have such strength and power as WOMEN.

We can have anything we want, as long as we're willing to put our minds to it!

"I've had the pleasure of knowing Amy Waterman for many years. Amy is an amazingly insightful and gracious person who has lived all over the world. In creating 'Real Women, Real Love' Amy proves once again that she's completely in tune with women of all ages, and with their desires for happiness and fulfillment.

"Amy is highly knowledgeable yet very down to earth. She is deeply compassionate, which always shines through her writing. If you already know Amy Waterman, then you know exactly what I mean. If you're new to Amy Waterman, then you're about to meet the sweet and wise sister and friend that everyone would love to have!"
- Mimi Tanner,

"I've not only used your advice to meet and attract the love of my life, I've gained confidence in myself that I never had before"

"I have a little bit of weight and I used to use that as my excuse for why men always dated me then dumped me. I was actually quite skeptical when I came across your site, but I tried your mini course and found the advice to be something that I could really relate to and that's when I started to make some changes to my attitude and the way I live my life...

I've not only used your advice to meet and attract the love of my life, I've gained confidence in myself that I never had before. I'm no longer as shy around men as I used to be and I really feel valuable as a person. My new man treats me like none have ever before. And he loves spending time with me, which is great! I'm certain we wouldn't be together right now if it wasn't for what I learnt from you and I owe you my heartfelt thanks!"
-- Sarah Donaldson (Portland, Oregon, USA )

"Your tips have given me invaluable help on how to create interest in a man and to keep it!"

"I want to thank you so much for all your advice and let you know how helpful it has been to me ... It's been 17 years since the last time I've dated. I am 45 years old and recently divorced and have re-entered the new electronic age of dating. I seemed to scare the guys off after the first date and wasn't sure why. Your tips have not only reminded me of the power of my own confidence, but have given me invaluable help on how to create interest in a man, and to keep it! Now I'm glad to say, "it's raining men, hallelujah!"

Now I have these guys eating out of my hand and sad when I can't see them for a week. I had one man bring me a dozen roses, 8 CD's he'd made for me, and a bottle of perfume all on the same date! Thanks for all your help, and keep up the good work!"
-- Kim Collier (USA)

What is Keeping Your Love Life Stuck?

"So," you might be thinking, "If we women can have anything we want...

"Then why don't I have a good, solid relationship with a good, solid man right now?"

Here are some reasons that I hear all the time:

  • "There's nothing wrong with being single."
  • "Have you seen the kind of guys out there? I'm not picky, but I haven't met one worth my time."
  • "Relationships are too much hassle."
  • "Guys wouldn't be interested in me."
  • "I don't have time to date."

When you tell yourself all the reasons that you can't or won't find the man of your dreams, then you literally CREATE that reality for yourself.

That's the danger of "single thinking." It's not that you don't have any luck with men; it's that you make your own luck.

So ... what kind of luck are YOU making for yourself?

If you're not happy with the kind of luck you've been having with relationships - if meeting someone just seems too difficult, too much work, or highly unlikely to happen - then you'll be amazed at the results a little "Thought Therapy" can achieve.

In my program, I'll lead you through the most common pitfalls that you could be committing right now without even knowing it, and I'll give you proactive steps you can take to change your luck with men overnight. It really IS that easy ... if you're willing to give it a try.

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Foolproof Formula for Effortless Attraction

Too many of us think we have to change something about ourself before we can start confidently putting ourselves out there. We have to be thinner, younger, blonder, have more time, have more money, have less baggage, and so forth.

In fact, if you go by what you read and hear, you'd be forgiven for thinking that the Foolproof Formula for ANY Woman to Succeed with Men is:

  1. Lose weight,
  2. Get a makeover, and
  3. Earn an extra ... oh, say 20,000 a year to spend on clothes, makeup, and going out.

Thankfully, that formula is 100% absolutely and completely WRONG.

You don't have to lose weight, you DON'T need a makeover, and you don't have to spend a cent.

The REAL formula for foolproof attraction involves four simple Powerhouse Principles, which I call the Four Pillars. Master them for crazy romantic success!

But, in order to use these principles effectively, you're going to need to start taking a closer look at what's going on INSIDE.

Specifically, what's going on inside your head.

All the Power You Need is Inside You

You may not believe me, but the failure or success of EVERY single interaction you have with a man - every date, every conversation, every random glance - comes down to one thing:

What's going through your head at the time.

Thinking a new thought can instantly produce an effect in the person in front of you and cause them to feel differently about you.

If you can learn to utilize the power of your mind to set men at ease, invite them to approach you, and make them feel warm, fascinated, and crazy about your company, then you won't need baser tools like clothes or makeup to feel confident.

This skill is under-utilized by 90% of women, if not completely off their radar screen.

It's insane that so many women continue to sabotage themselves by letting their minds run wild with all sorts of stressful thoughts. If you don't feel calm, confident, and able to "be yourself" around a man, then a "Mind Makeover" may be just what the doctor ordered.

You'll learn all it takes to feel relaxed, happy and natural, EVEN if a man makes you weak at the knees.

An Urgent Message

You don't have time to waste.

If you keep doing what you're doing, you're going to keep getting the SAME results you've been getting.

This means that you are going to continue doing an endless "run around" in your love life until you fix the REAL problem. (Which is NOT your age, weight, income, location, childhood, past relationships, or cup size! ;-)

The danger is that you could end up creating a reality you don't want.

If you expect to be single for the rest of your life, then your mental programming will make sure that you stay single as long as possible.

If you think you're too old, overweight or boring to meet anyone new, then those thoughts will make meeting anyone seem impossible.

That's kind of scary.

If you keep "thinking what you're thinking"...

Then you're going to keep going like this for the rest of your life.

Isn't it time to STOP?

How Do I Get Your Course?

My REAL Women REAL Love Guide for Fearless Dating is ONLY available online from this website. You won't find it in your local bookstore.

Thanks to the magic of modern technology, I've created a digital download package that will have you reading my e-book on your computer within minutes. It's easy, and it's safe. All sales are handled through Clickbank, the internet's largest digital products retailer.

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For much less than the price of a pair of skinny jeans, you could get a complete makeover of a kind you've never experienced before. It's like a total romantic revamp! And if you compare it to how much you'd spend on a day out shopping, you'll quickly see how much cheaper it is to achieve that inner glow of beauty from the inside, where it will never get outdated or wear out.

100% Guaranteed

GuaranteeI have complete confidence that my program will turn your love life around and give you the kind of peace of mind with dating that you wish you would have had years ago, but I want to make sure that you, too, are 100% happy with your purchase. So, to encourage you to take the risk and TRY my program for yourself, I'm offering a Risk-Free 60-Day Moneyback Guarantee.

If you're not happy with the results you've achieved as a result of my program, all you have to do is contact me within 60 days of your purchase. I'll give you your money back, no questions asked. Guaranteed.

Come on a Journey with Me

I invite you to go on the journey of your life with me and the REAL Women REAL Love program.

You’ll learn the secret to men and what it takes to keep them happy.  You'll discover the world's most potent "beauty cream," how to give off irresistible vibes, and a tip that will transform your looks as fast as a facelift. You’ll laugh, nod, and maybe even get a little emotional as you learn to step into your inner power as a woman, leaving you more beautiful, stronger, and more powerful than ever before.

Are you ready to try that with me?

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Lots of love and warm hugs!

Amy Waterman

Author of How to Be Irresistible to Men,
Connect and Commit,
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Yes, I want to download Real Women Real Love right now!

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I understand that I'm receiving this for an incredibly low $37

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